There are many people who THINK they are very big Harry Potter fans, but they are NOT! (no offense) If you can do this quiz easily, you are one of the biggest fans, but if you can't your just a fan.

Are you a REAL Harry Potter fan? If you are, then take this quiz! It is extremely hard I SWEAR! I personally love Harry Potter, and lets see if any of you love it as much as me!

Created by: Olivia Goldberg
  1. In the fourth book, the night before before the second task, how long did it take Harry to get to the library?
  2. What is Dumeldores full name?
  3. What color is Harry's bedroom ( not the cupboard under the stairs)
  4. Who is Draco Malfoy married to?
  5. How many pages are in every Harry Potter book, in order?
  6. What is chapter 12 called in the cahmber of secrets?
  7. What does Harry say to Malfoy when Malfoy is making fun of Ron's mom/mum? (not EXACT words but very close)
  8. What are the first two passwords in the fourth book?
  9. What is the first word of the first book?
  10. What does Hermione do to Ron after he kisses Lavender?

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