Youtubers, how well do you know them?

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Youtubers are the controllers of the World Wide Web! They film videos, do dares and stupid things for our entertainment! This is what makes them so popular!

To become a Youtuber first you must know your Youtubers! When they were born! How many subscribers they have! What they like to do! But the real question is do you have the bravery to attempt my tricky quiz or will you fail and try to avoid it? Don't be a chicken DO MY QUIZZZZZ,

Created by: Izzie
  1. When did Zoella film her Draw My Life video?
  2. When is Zoella's birthday?
  3. What is Zoella's favourite colour?
  4. What is Zoella's middle name?
  5. What are Zoella's parents called
  6. How many subscribers has ThatcherJoe got on his main channel?
  7. When did ThatcherJoe start his YouTube channel?
  8. When is ThatcherJoe's birthday?
  9. What is the song ThatcherJoe and other Youtubers sing for Comic Relief 2014?
  10. Who does ThatcherJoe share a flat with?
  11. When is Tyler Oakleys birthday?
  12. Where was Tyler born?
  13. How old is Tyler?
  14. How old is Tyler?
  15. When did Alfie Deyes start dating Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
  16. Who plays the character of Miranda Sings?

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Quiz topic: Youtubers, how well do I know them?