Your warrior cat name

I made this quiz because i enjoy the warrior cat series and i'm making my own story and this features my apprentice characters that my story mainly focuses on.

Are you a warrior cat? Do you wanna find out? Then take this quiz you silly kittypet! C'mon, take the quiz. TAKE THIS BLOOMING QUIZ. But i'm not forcing yo to. Oh wait, I AM!

Created by: Amy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have been given free time, what do you do with it?
  2. There is an opening for deputy, do you want it?
  3. Who do yo like best?
  4. Starclan is calling! How did you die?
  5. What do you like to eat?
  6. Its Clan games time! All the clans have gatered but whut did you enter?
  7. Fave first name on the list?
  8. Are you loyal to your clan?
  9. Are you in lurve?
  10. Did ya liek da quiz?

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Quiz topic: My warrior cat name