What Warrior cat are you?

There are many warrior fans and here yes here is where you can find out what cat you are, with questions based on the books i have a true love of warriors

Are you a ca from Warrior cats? well this is where you can find out! over the next few minutes you will find your own place in th clan or the warrior cats, the best ever!

Created by: sparklethe

  1. You are expecting kits but their father is in another Clan if you keep them, your Clan will die
  2. You have just mated with a cat in another Clan! They want you to run away with them
  3. You are the deputy and you have just seen the future! Your Clan leader will be killed, only you have the power to save him!
  4. You are a new deputy and it is time to appoint a new leader, who will you appoint?
  5. Two she-cats are in love with you, one is prettier but has already had kits and the other uglier but is faithful
  6. You are blind and want to become a warrior but everyone treats you like a kit!
  7. You want to be a medicine but your older denmate beat you to it, what would you do?
  8. There is no food anymore but you just caught a fat rabbit!
  9. You just became a kittypet and left your mate and kits behind
  10. Your litter mate just pranked you infrount of the whole Clan, they are about to eat a maggot covered vole

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Quiz topic: What Warrior cat am I?