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You are a small gray she, who has bright orange eyes. Your name is SeedFern You try to be the best cat you can be, and live your life happily, even after the death of your father. You always have tried to make everything at least okay, and have always been a straightforward and logical cat. You can also be optimistic at times.

I hope you will enjoy the quiz, keep in mind that this is NOT 100% accurate, and I do NOT mean to offend anyone. I apologize if this quiz offends you in anyway.

Created by: WarriorLover3
  1. You open your orange eyes, and stare up at your mother. She has silver fur just like you. "SeedKit, why don't you play outside?" Your mother, StarDapple says. You say:
  2. When you get outside, you find that MistKit is huddled in a corner, staring longinly at the kits playing, and that PineKit is aggressivly tackling FrostPetal, and seems to have his claws unsheathed. You:
  3. Soon, your apprentice ceremony comes, the other kits becoming apprentices include FrostKit, MistKit, SunKit, and PineKit. It is announced that your mentor will be WillowSong, a gentle cat who can be harsh when he requires to. You overhear SunPaw planning to prank his mentor.
  4. One way or another, SunPaw decides it's best to not do the prank. You are relieved, but it doesn't last long. A hunting patrol had just gone out, and soon returned with bad news, according to them, they found your father's (TrickleWing's) body by the river, and suspect he drowned, for he is drenched, and lying still. The medicine cat tries to heal him, but can't. You:
  5. You are happily frolicking through the grass after your fifth border patrol, when your brother, EchoHeart walks up to you. "So umm... I have a mate. I mean I think we're mates. His name is FloralStripe." Your brother says. You respond, "Oh! Isn't he WillowSong's brother?" He nods. You:
  6. Finally, after waiting for what seemed to be forever, you get your warrior cat name, SeedFern. Acording to the leader, SpringSight, you are kind, unique, as well as resourceful. This makes you feel so proud, you think your chest might burst. Right after the gathering you:
  7. A few days later, after you told WebFoot about the plan which SunLeap was about to pull on her, SunLeap confronts you, saying that you shouldn't interfere with his pranks, you:
  8. One day, your chatting with your friends, when one of them, RyeFace asks you what your faviorote color is, you say:
  9. While you're on a border patrol, you spot an elegant eagle soaring through the cloudless sky. Nobody else seems to notice it, you:
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