Your spirit animal!!!

To whom it may concern, you might have read and completed my what side of the war of she-ra are you quizz! Did you enjoy it?Here is a spirit animal test! I must admit it isn't as good as the one I mentioned in the she-ra quizz but it still works!!!

You might have a pet of your own, if you do then perhaps answer the questions for it and see what animal it will be when it is reincarnated!!! Then when it passed away you know what your fave animal will be! From wizz bang!!

Created by: Wizz bang
  1. Fave colour?
  2. Planing?
  3. Other people?
  4. Personality?
  5. Fave element?
  6. Pet?
  7. Travel?
  8. Fighting?
  9. Lose, win?
  10. 1st worst?

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Quiz topic: My spirit animal!!!