your future job

if you take thi quiz you might see your future before your eyess you may be able to lay out a life plan just from this very quiz right now that you should take

are you able to be a childrens doctor i know heres how you find out or maybe a cab driver or a high school teacher so if your still thinking about waht stop thinking take the quiz

Created by: athena

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your boss screams at you for dropping a french fry you
  2. the kid next door is screaming out the windows you go over and ...
  3. what color is your hair
  4. the lawn mower guy just acciedentaly carved his wifes face in your yard you ...
  5. do you have any pets
  6. your niece just scribbled all over your white walls with sharpie you ...
  7. your car breaks down on the freeway you...
  8. are you single
  9. are you good with blood
  10. what was your favorite high-school class back then

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Quiz topic: My future job