Your Brand-new Name!!!

Hello! Do you hate your name sometimes? Do nou ever want a new one? Well guess what? Now you get one! There are six boys names and six girls names, so there's a name for everyone!!

This was fun to make so i hope you enjoy it and have fun comment if you like your new name!! Enjoy, this is really easy!!!! Come on, try it and find out your new awesome name!! (ok i know, i sound l an ad for a cheesy product, but seriously)

Created by: elizabeth
  1. Which one do you like best?
  2. outfit choice?
  3. Pick the one you want most of these:
  4. Which look do nou like most?
  5. which is best
  6. It's friday night. What do you think you are doing?
  7. out of theese, which is your favorite (if you are a girl, pick your favorite girl name, boys pick based on boys names)
  8. Which is the best smell?
  9. fav instrument?
  10. last question: which category do you fall under?

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Quiz topic: My Brand-new Name!!!