your a demigod who's your parent

If you have read the Percy Jackson series you might be wondering who your godly parent might be. My friend and I decided to help you figure this out.

We decided to use six of our favorite gods Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Athena, Apollo, and Aphrodite. I took the test and was the daughter of Poseidon. I have taken many tests like this so I think that this test is pretty legit.

Created by: a&aproductions
  1. whats your favorite color out of theese
  2. what do u do in your free time
  3. how do people think of u
  4. who do u think u should be
  5. what do u wear
  6. if u had a weapon what would it be
  7. if u could have any power what would it be
  8. what is your favorite animal
  9. where is your favorite place to visit
  10. last but not least what is your favorite food

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Quiz topic: My a demigod who's my parent