You Won't Get Unless You Were There That Night

Many people do not understand this quiz. Actually, pretty much everyone does not understand this quiz. It is a very long story. So long that I can't tell you.

Long story short- on the night of January 27th, four young girls had a sleepover. They did things that other people would find quite insane... such as throwing a stale muffin out the window at a passing car or prank calling a rapist from Idaho. You don't have to take this quiz- its pretty much just inside jokes.

Created by: nikki1234

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  1. Where were you on the night of January 27th, 2012?
  2. Ok, never mind.
  3. Is this Judy from the flower store?
  4. Did you eat my cat?
  5. Are you on pills?
  6. Are you are rapist from Idaho?
  7. Well, are you a rapist from Clevland?
  9. Darren said so.
  10. Do you watch Franklin?
  11. Franklin gets a piercing.
  12. Franklin gets another piercing.
  13. Franklin experiments sex.
  14. Franklin gets poked.
  15. Franklin sprouts body hair.
  16. Franklin dies.
  17. Is your name Marge Ledowsky?
  18. Do you live in Vermont?
  19. Are you a 33 year old woman who tries to seduce the father of a family but kills them all instead?
  20. Esther....
  21. Are you sexy?
  22. Do you know it?
  23. I dropped an easter egg onto the president's goldfish.
  24. Yo.
  25. This is a very long quiz.
  26. Oh, crackers!
  27. I love british talk!
  28. Don't you?
  29. You stole my cupcake....
  30. YOU DIE!
  31. Taylor Launter sucks.
  32. Edward is sparkly....
  33. Hi is our secret love word.
  34. Chicken nuggets.
  35. Pickles..
  36. Creampuffs.
  37. 95- year old geezers doing the sprinkler while floating in the Jamacain sea.
  38. Bacon.
  39. Ah! Holographic fish!
  40. I'm done.
  41. How I wish I had an Edward.
  42. Well, I'm not done yet.
  43. My boyfriend is an obsessive staaaaalkeeeeeer!
  44. Do you know what Foogle Day is?
  45. Is your name Lucy?
  46. I'm done.
  47. Pew pew pew
  48. Bye bye! Happy Awkward Waving Day! *waves creepily.*

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