You Think You Know House MD?

House MD is one the greatest tv shows of all time. The marvellous casting and crew perfected by the all time star Hugh Laurie is beauty in itself. I take it you agree with me, fandom buddy!

So how widely do YOU know House MD? Do you have the knowledge to proceed into a 100% House fan? Take this quiz and answer some short questions to find out! GO!

Created by: tsf
  1. David shore thought that Hugh Laurie was -
  2. Hugh Laurie filmed his audition tape when working in which movie?
  3. Where was he at that time?
  4. The tape was filmed in a -
  5. Hugh Laurie knew his character to be -
  6. Robert sean Leonard gave up his role in --- to work in House.
  7. Which of the following languages House can NOT speak?
  8. Which of the following is House's motto?
  9. Wilson: you don't have any --- House: I don't want any --- (note: it is one word).
  10. House let's Stacy go because ---
  11. House: ''sorry, gotta go! People --''
  12. In which episode does House operate on his own leg?
  13. The actress who played Cuddy's mom also starred in which tv series?
  14. Who does House pick to fire at Vogler's threat?
  15. House compares his dad to whom?
  16. The actress who played thirteen also starred in ---
  17. Which is the ONE episode in which doesn't need his cane?
  18. House is ---

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