You're an idiot, don't believe me take this qyiz

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You're an idiot, maybe you should stay in school it's basically impossible to become a YouTuber so don't count on it, focus on learning in school not one what the internet tells you

Still an idiot, shipping real life people is kinda gross not going to lie, do you ship your mom with Uncle Larry? I would hope not that would really suck

Created by: Marss

  1. What's you're name
  2. You're social security number
  3. You're first pet
  4. Do you think this quiz is rigged
  5. Do you type backwards on occasion
  6. Use Google translate
  7. When you make an account does the background and picture match
  8. Do you use Google images links
  9. Stay I character 100% if the time
  10. Do you have no common sense

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