Yolo randimize 101

This is probs the most random quiz on this site. Ready to give it a go to see if u are smart of average. Lol hurry I have nothin to say so hurry up I need you to do it.....

Do the quiz I have nothin to say hurry up I'm dying here. I am ten years older now jokes I'm not really this is just my weirded personality so wtf are u satin for go

Created by: Yolopop

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  1. What is the capital of Australia
  2. What sport do I play guess
  3. What does yolo stand for
  4. Do you love dis quiz
  5. What country do I come from
  6. Who won X factor in 2013
  7. State cross country is
  8. What is shortened for sorry
  9. What is the movie with snow flakes
  10. What is a real tv show
  11. Warning this is a random quiz and a Teeny bit confronting

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