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welcome to wwe superstar quiz. hardly anyone is a genius but you can be a wwe genius by watching wwe on youtube or go to wwe website because your gonna need to to take this quiz

in just a few seconds we are all going to find out if you are indeed a true wwe wrestling quiz and i am going to support you the whole way through the quiz good luck

Created by: eloise

  1. who is known as the best highflyer in wwe?
  2. who is the strongest out of all these?
  3. who is the most popular
  4. which one of these isnt strong?
  5. which one of these isnt a highflyer?
  6. what strategy does rey mysterio use
  7. which one of these isnt a diva?
  8. which of these isnt a wwe pay per view?
  9. what does wwe stand for?
  10. which one of these isnt a wrestler?
  11. which titles has john morrison won?
  12. which wrestler is the son of the wwf legend british bulldog?
  13. which wrestlers are the sons of wwf legend dusty rhodes?
  14. who is the son of wwe legend million dollar man?
  15. who are related to wwe legend rikishi ?
  16. which wwe legend has a son in wwe?
  17. when did kane debut?
  18. when did the undertaker debut ?
  19. who won the royal rumble in 1999?
  20. where is batista from and when did he debut?
  21. what year did batista retire?
  22. where is edge from and when did he debut?
  23. who was christians tag team partner?
  24. who is the most scariest wrestler in your opinion?
  25. who has won the wwe/wwf championship the most?
  26. who has won the wwe/wwf championship the least?
  27. what is john cenas real name
  28. what is randy ortons real name
  29. what is batistas real name?
  30. what does hhh stand for?
  31. what height is rey mysterio?
  32. who is the tallest wrestler?
  33. who is the smallest wrestler?
  34. what was the team of eddie guerrero and chavo guerrero called?
  35. wo is the tallest diva out of these?
  36. who is the tallest woman wrestler ever?
  37. were hulk hogan and randy salvage ever in a tag team?
  38. who has been the womans champion the most?
  39. which two women have had the same amount of wwe womens championships?
  40. which woman wrestler has won the intercontinental championship?
  41. which tag team had the finishing move snapshot
  42. which great tag team had three women in it?
  43. which to fantastic wrestlers were members of team xtreme?

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