Would your fictional character crush like you?

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Do you have a crush on a fictional character? Do you want to know if they would like you back? If you answered "Yes" to those questions, this quiz is for you!

There are a few questions that you might not be able to answer. If you can answer them, great! If you can't, I'm sorry. Maybe I should have thought this throught more. Also, I am very sorry if you get a low percentage.

Created by: grimmchild of My account!!!
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  1. Hi! Do you even HAVE a fictional character crush?
  2. Now here are the real questions. Click the option that is actually true. 1-You. 2-Your crush.
  3. If they called you, and you were in a big room with lots of people, would you answer?
  4. Would you text them first, or would they text you?
  5. Do people say you are pretty?
  6. Has anyone ever had a crush on you?
  7. Do they like your gender?
  8. Do they like the same things as you?
  9. Would they be comfortable meeting your friends/family?
  10. (This has no effect) Are they hot?

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Quiz topic: Would my fictional character crush like you?