Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Would You survive the zombie apocalypse?

The world is predicted to end soon. and all signs point to zombie apocalypse. So this is something you need to know.

Created by: darius kipperman
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  1. What weapon would use from the below?
  2. You enter a room. Guns on one side food on the other. Only 5 seconds to make a decision. Which do you pick?
  3. you meet little girl on the road who pleads you to take her with you. So you...
  4. you need somewhere to sleep.
  5. During the apocalypse When you here noises you...
  6. you find a dead uninfected person you...
  7. you hear gunshots in the distance...
  8. to get food you...
  9. during the apocalypse are you heading somewhere or looking for someone?
  10. would you rather dream about...

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