zombie apocalypse:will you survive

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE we all know its coming,when no one knows.This quiz is for you to know why you would, or would not survive during this horrible time.

IF YOU DO SURVIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! If not well thats to bad.You could even almost make it, but not quite.All i can really say is good luck,and be ready.

Created by: Trey
  1. You hear on the news of an outbreak of flesh eating hordes of zombies what do you do?TELL THE TRUTH ON THE QUESTIONS IT MAKES IT MORE FUN!
  2. What kind of weapons do you own?
  3. You decide to leave to a more fortified location,where do you go?
  4. You meet a group of strangers on the way.They ask if you want to tag along,whats your response?
  5. You learn that in that group is your closest loved one.So you decide to go with them(regardless of previous answer)they ask you why.Do you tell the truth?
  6. You figure out that your loved one has been bitten.You're the only one who knows.what do you do about it.
  7. You are surrounded by zombies.A man in the group gives you a choice of weapons.Which do you choose.
  8. You and your team come across a government baricade,blocking the town exit.What do you do.
  9. They scare you into running off,but you learn that the government plans to nuke the town,what do you do.
  10. Everyone dies in your group but you.luckly you find a bomb shelter. You come out weeks later,and learn that some how the zombies are still there what do you do.

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Quiz topic: Zombie apocalypse:will I survive