Would You Survive the Walking Dead?

So... Want to know if you'd survive the walking dead? Have you ever watched the show, or read the comics, or played the game, and wondered, "Hey, I wonder if I'd be as cool as that?" Well, this is the quiz to take.

In this quiz, you start out in your house in the city, getting attacked by a walker. By the end of the game, you are a little girl named Sky out in the country. Now, go take the quiz! Go see if YOU'D survive!

Created by: Spinny

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  1. There is a walker coming near you. It sees you in plain view, coming pretty quick, and you are not holding a weapon. You are cornered, but luckily for you, there is a weapon on each side of you. On one side, there is a dull axe, and on the other side is a gun. The walker is so close that you only have time to pick one. What do you do?
  2. After you successfully escape the walker, you head to the door of the building you are in. Your eye's widen as you notice a huge pack of walkers just outside the glass doors. All you have is a gun, an axe, and that walker you killed earlier. Across the pack of walkers, you see a store that is completely packed full of food and supplies. What do you do?
  3. You manage to get yourself into the building with food and supplies. You are about to stuff your backpack full of supplies when you notice another survivor already gathering food for themselves. He doesn't notice you yet. What do you do?
  4. They turn to look up at you, and after some convincing, they join you in a group. You share your supplies that you already gathered and, after stuffing as much food as you can in your bags, you decide what to do...
  5. You suddenly hear a growl from a walker from behind you. You turn around quickly and you find the glass door of the store crashed down! Walkers came pouring into the room. You try to fend them off, but the more you kill, the more walkers come in. You drop your axe in shock as a walker tries to kill you, and try to run away, but soon find yourself cornered against a wall and a group of walkers. What do you do?
  6. Suddenly, your plan is put to a halt as the walkers start falling to the ground, a gunshot firing with each walker thumping to the ground. As the walkers start to clear out, it reveals the person who saved you. It was a small ten year old girl, with redish brown hair, holding a close ranged hand gun. She rushes over to your bag of supplies, and turns back around, trying to make a run for it with your food. What do you do?
  7. She suddenly collapses, and you run over to her in shock. "What happened?" you ask worryingly. "Get away from me!" she shouts, swinging your axe towards you.
  8. "I'm alone," the girl whispers. "My name's Sky... Can I join your group?" She asks after a while. "I really, really don't like being alone," she sighs, dropping your axe and bag.
  9. Tony nods. And with that, you decide to let her join your group. The two people in your group and you decided that the city was not safe during this time. You decided that you would head to the country. You start walking down the street, looking for working cars. Suddenly, you hear a scream, and see a walker lunging at Tony.
  10. Tony manages to escape, just nearly in time. With that, you move as quickly as possible so no other walkers get to you. You luckily find a working car, and drive it to the store. You stuff all the supplies that you can get, and drive to the country. You've been driving for some time, and come to a roadblock of walkers. What do you do?
  11. You manage to escape the walkers successfully, and you continue driving through the countryside. Then, suddenly, you make it to two lonely houses on the side of the road. One has cars pulled up in the driveway and the other has nothing in the driveway. Which one to do go to?
  12. You and your group decide to go to the house that you suggested. With you and Tony holding an axe and Sky holding a gun, you open the door slowly, and a walker suddenly falls on top of you. Sky shrieks, and Tony gasps. What do you do?
  13. Tony grabs the walker off of you, and it stumbles on top of him. You quickly get up and chop its head in half. But it was too late. Tony was bitten in the arm. What do you do?
  14. Tony convinces you to chop his arm off. You do it quickly, and try your best to patch it up. But sadly, Tony looses too much blood, and dies. His last words are "Thank you for everything. You keep safe, and in my honor, keep Sky alive.."
  15. You and Sky end up chopping his head in half and burying him in front of the house. What do you do now?
  16. After a lot of convincing, Sky is happy to hear that you decide to let her come with. You lead the way into the house, keeping a close eye on Sky. You are walking down the hallway when you hear a noise from the bathroom. In your opinion, what would you do?
  17. You go inside of the room and a walker is sitting on the toilet. You take out a gun and point it at the walker with narrowed eyes. Next to you, Sky came in and is pointing another gun at it, also. "On three, shoot!" You whisper to her. "One, two, three!" Suddenly, two large banging noises sound and the walker collapses. "Good job!" You say to Sky. "How did you learn to shoot?" You ask curiously. "Well," Sky murmurs, "I guess I just learned on my own."
  18. Suddenly, you notice that you left the door of the house open when a crowd of walkers, lured by the gunshots, come crashing through it.
  19. Sky shakes her head and stays here with you, raising her gun. "I can do it," she murmurs, and starts shooting at the walkers. Noticing that the gun was more efficient, you raise your gun as well and start to shoot.
  20. The walkers make it through the bullets. "Shoot them in the head!" you shout. "I know!" Sky replies, shooting and reloading as quickly as possible. The walkers are getting near.. Then, you whip your head behind you. Walkers are coming through the back door as well! You turn and start to shoot at the back ones while Sky shoots at the front ones.
  21. Sky quickly turns and runs into the bathroom. "Now close the door," you instruct. "When the walkers clear out, you can get out through the window." You turn back and forth, shooting at the walkers from behind you and in front of you. What will Sky do?
  22. The walkers topple over you, and you are eaten alive. "NO!" Sky shouts.
  23. Sky turns into the bathroom and closes the door quickly and quietly, still shocked from your death. As the walkers are distracted by your body, Sky...
  24. As Sky crawls out the window and lands back on the grassy ground, she notices more and more walkers coming to feast on you. She shakes her head sadly and...
  25. Sky decided that living across the street would not be safe near that many walkers, so she gets into your old car and tries to drive away. To start moving, you put the car into
  26. Sky put the car into drive and starts to move slowly forwards. A walker hears the noise and starts to crawl towards you, and you need to go faster to outrun it. Sky presses
  27. Sky presses the gas and starts to shoot forwards, onto the road, and trying her best to keep the steering wheel
  28. Sky speeds down the road, away from the walkers, and comes upon a small, abandoned looking house. should she go inside?
  29. Sky decides to go in the house. What does she have to loose, other than life. She creeps inside, holding your axe close to her side. She suddenly jumps, as she hears a noise.
  30. Sky decides to investigate. She slowly opens the door where the noise came from.. And finds a cat! What does she do next?
  31. Sky, because when she was growing up she had owned a cat of her own, ended up deciding to feed the cat. Maybe it could hunt her mice for food or protect her from things? The cat finishes when she gave it and starts to purr.
  32. Sky, rationing her food every single day from the start, ends up living for two years in peace in that home, with the cat. The cat sometimes helps her catch mice to eat, or set as distractions for the walkers.
  33. Sky grows up to be a very skilled survivor, and will live for the rest of her full life, facing some challenges, yes, this is the walker apocalypse, but still living to a decent age. And yes, that's the end of the quiz! I hope you enjoyed it, cause it took to hours to make! If this quiz gets a lot of love, then we might make a part two! Now farewell, and I hope you would survive the walking dead well!

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