Would you survive life as a dragon

Dragons. The most mysterious creatures. Are they fierce tyrants? Or kind creatures hoping for a friends.

Can you survive a dragons life? Find out when you take my quiz! I hope you like it!!!!!

Created by: Dawn dragon

  1. Your starving you see a strong elk. But you turn the other way and see A dead deer. It's scrawny but it might be enough to keep you alive. What do you do?
  2. You took the carrion. You are are doing better. But then you see a human. It has something in its hands but you can't tell what it is. What do you do.
  3. You got captured by the man. He drags you into an iron cage and drives away with you in the trailer. What should you do.
  4. Your tries to get free are useless. The man takes you to an animal control Place. You are taken out on a chain and put in a cage. What should you do.
  5. Finally you see a crack In the super thick glass. You start to work at it. Melting it. Clawing, biting, finally you have a hole big enough for you to squeeze through. Now what.
  6. You out. Your free. But now you have to choose where to live.
  7. You find a turquoise dragon named dash. He/she becomes your mate. You have 5 eggs. Two get stolen by another dragon. What do you do.
  8. Your eggs start to hatch. You mate is overjoyed. You see that three baby dragons come out and yawn. A dark blue boy, A green girl, and a red boy. Your excited over the hatch. What do you do now?
  9. Your kids are adults now. You have raised them well. Your mate goes out to hunt. You wait. You figure out you mate was captured by the people who captured you A long time ago. What do you do.
  10. Your mate is freed and you live in peace. Your kids have chosen an elemental power and they move on. Your old now. Your mate died of old age. Now what.
  11. Did you like my quiz? ( no effect on your answer)

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