Would you survive K-12

Melanie Adele Martinez has many albums, but K-12 and it’s accompanying film are surely spellbinding. Cry Baby (played by Mel) and her friends must use their superior abilities to flee an abusive school... K-12.

If you have ever watched the movie you know there’s this scene at the end where they flee the school, would you be the first one out? Would you die early on? Plus, the role you play in the film.

Created by: mels corner

  1. Have you seen the film?
  2. Listened to the album?
  3. Have merch?
  4. Seen it live?
  5. Ok. Now it’s time for some RP. You and your friend Cry Baby are kinda ready for K-12 sleepaway School. But when you get on the bus, a note is thrown at Cry Baby. She hands it to you. It says “gap toothed b----” you say..
  6. You arrive. During class, a girl named Kelly bullies you and Cry Baby. Cry Baby is worried because she does not know how to fight. You..
  7. If you chose to beat up the bullies, you get sent to the Principal’s office and find out from a boy that the principal forces medication on the students. You..
  8. Ok. End of RP. Who is better, Melanie Martinez or Billie Eilish?
  9. Which lyric applies to YOU?
  10. If you were in the K-12 movie, whose side would you choose?

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