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I made this quiz outta random so i hope you like it..if not im sorry but i like it as i was typing it! soooooooo plz comment and rate!!!!! PEACE!!!!

Comment and rate please!!!!!

Created by: pkiera75

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  1. Would you rather: Sleep in a lions den or eat them?
  2. Would you rather: Climb the biggest mountain or fall off a tree 100ft in the air?
  3. Would you rather kill a vampire or make love to it? (boy or girl vamp doesnt matter)
  4. Would you rather: Eat or be eaten?
  5. Would you rather: Kill or be Killed?
  6. Would you rather: Heal or be Healed?
  7. Would you rather: Drink someone elses blood or Drink someone elses pee?
  8. Would you rather: Have someone stab you or would you stab them?
  9. Would you rather: Make love to me or to yourself? (running outta questions)
  10. Would you rather: Make love to your dog (lol) or to your pillow?
  11. Last one, Would you rather: Play or Kill your bestie?
  12. Did you like me quiz?
  13. BYE!

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