Would you rather...?

Well i was bored and thought of something to do! I was going to make a Would you rather...? quiz and you will like it! I'm 100% sure about it! You will like really like it!

Are you bored out for your minds and want to do something right this second?! Try my would you rather quiz! And plus I got bored to so that means we are even

Created by: tomboys

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  1. Would you rather..? Stay cold for the rest of your life, Or stay hot for the rest of your life?
  2. Would you rather...? Be dumb or be ugly
  3. Would you rather...? Be a baby or be a baby
  4. Would you rather...? Be fat or be mean and nobody likes you
  5. Would you rather..? Be not be able to talk or not be able to see?
  6. Would you rather..? Be a bee? or be a pig?
  7. Would you rather...? Be in a tight tight area or be in jail?
  8. Would you rather...? Never ever eat food again? Or never ever Play a game again?
  9. Would you rather...? Never draw for the rest of your life or never read for the rest of your life?
  10. We are done now!

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