would you kill someone

there are not many killers you have to have guts to do somehting crazy like that so if your not a killer you are a lover and looking forward to a good life and if you want to stay that way stay in side and never go out this is a dangerous worl an dyou may never know when you might have to take a life

are you a killer do you walk on the dangerous side and never say yes are you a natural born killer ifso tak ehtis quiz and find out if you do have the gut and if you are a maniac give yourself to this and find out if you would kill someone would you be honest

Created by: eric rees

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  1. do you carry a nife on you
  2. you are walking out your door and you see somone trying to steal your car what would you do honestly
  3. have you ever beat someone up
  4. i black out in intense situations
  5. i have adhd
  6. there is a gun in my house
  7. you walked in on your loved one with some one else you would
  8. i been thru anger managment
  9. i drink do drugs and party
  10. what music do you like

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