would you get across mt. mydoriama

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many people have tried but all have failed. will there ever be an american ninja warrior maybe if you try this quiz you just might be the first american ninja warrior yep that's right the first american ninja warrior yep that's right.

maybe your the one, the one to be the first ever american ninja warrior nope probably not the course is like just impossible i mean the hosts say "and the silk slider claims yet another victim".and "58% of competitors got out on the jumping spider". so it is impossible unless you are like Tarzan or superman. or if you just have a million try's on every obstacle,and even then.

Created by: rock climber

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  1. if you were on a hanging obstacle and your hands were not slippery would you give up(be honest).
  2. how tall are you
  3. are you good at balancing
  4. do you rock climb
  5. do you do parkour
  6. do you have an inspiration
  7. do you watch allot of american ninja warrior
  8. do you have allot of techniques
  9. do you have a mental clock in your head
  10. can you make good momentum fast
  11. do you eat healthy (honest)

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