Would you ever became fruit?

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Will you ever become fruit? Take this quiz and see are you going to become fruit? Take it and see how much you will become fruit? Take it and see what you got?

Are you going to be fruit? Take this quiz and see will you ever become fruit? Are you like bugs bunny or spongebob? Or maybe Chromia in ms. Scarboro’s opinion? TAKE IT NOW!!!!!! =D

Created by: Jeremy Carcaterra
  1. Would you say “Hey Apple” over and over again?
  2. Do you dislike the hulk or the angry birds?
  3. Do you dislike apples?
  4. Are you annoying?
  5. Do you like the color orange?
  6. Did you watch the HFA Annoying Orange show on Cartoon Network?
  7. Will you annoy a sensitive teenager?
  8. Will you make jokes all the time?
  9. Will you throw temper tantrums?
  10. Are you silly?
  11. Is your best friend a pear?
  12. Is your arch nemesis a grapefruit and/or a coconut?
  13. Which angry birds characters is the worst in your opinion?
  14. Do you like jeffy?
  15. Is your favorite Superflex Unthinkable WasFunnyOnce?
  16. Do you like Decepticons?
  17. Do you like TNT?
  18. Is your first name a color?
  19. What is your catchphrase?
  20. Do you like the bad guys?
  21. Are you born in October?
  22. Do you like Cartoon Network?
  23. Last question… what is your favorite car?

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