Would you be the first to die in the wild?

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So, the reason I made this quiz was, me and my friends were talking at school and one of my friends said, "You would so survive in the wild if we were all stranded!" We got into a conversation and I thought, hey, what WOULD happen?

If you were stranded, what would happen to you? Would you survive or be killed. Take this quiz to find out what happens to you. Good luck. I hope you can survive.

Created by: Betty Cushman

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  1. So, let me tell you how this works. You are lost in the wilderness with five of your other friends. You each must work to survive. This quiz is to find out if you are the first to die.
  2. At school you are the?
  3. Which weapon do you know how to use?
  4. All your friends except one have died off, but they doesn't help or do anything. You?
  5. You are vegetarian, but you can't find any veggies or fruits to eat. You?
  6. You see a river with running water. You?
  7. There's a psychopath running around in the forest you're in. All your buddies go out to look for food and water. They make you stay back and protect everything. You?
  8. Which one can you make?
  9. You're friends each have a good talent for surviving in the wild. What's yours?
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