Pet VS Wild : Which are you?

Hey! This is a remake of a quiz I made long ago Hopefully this quiz is way more appealing than the last one. I plan to make another version someday as well!

PET or WILD? Take this incredible quiz to find out. Are you a manipulative fighter wild or a measly pink pet, a stinky stupid dog or a fluffy white dog? I've got the quiz if you'd like to know!

Created by: Mooncat1010
  1. Pick a color.
  2. Pick your favorite animal out of these.
  3. What type of food sounds the best to you right now?
  4. How would you do your best attack?
  5. Pick a quote.
  6. Pick a short motto to live by.
  7. For the next 3 questions, it will be to design your den. Pick a bed.
  8. Now, pick a secret hideout for your den.
  9. And last den question, what plushie do you want?
  10. I believe that the time has come to end, bye!

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Quiz topic: Pet VS Wild : Which am I?