Would You Be My Best Friend.. If I Knew You?

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Created by: RemysFault

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  1. OK, what is your favorite color.??
  2. To be a Best Friend, You have to know certain things about me. So: White is my name?? ((Giver))
  3. What is my favorite color??
  4. Hm, for people who take my quiz series, what is my hair color??
  5. Same for 6: What is my eye color??
  6. Not about meh .. sorta.. Would you listen to me, you know, while I go thro some 'bad shtuff'??
  7. How much time would you 'Spend With Me'??
  8. How would you treat me, you know, if you were prettier than me??
  9. If I died, what would you do??
  10. Last question: Did you like this quiz??

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