Would You Be a Hero, Villian or Sidekick

There are many people who want to be a hero but what pstion would you be in would you be a sidekick hero or a evil villian who destory everything in site.

Do you have great responsibalitey whaere you could take or save someone life or you can't be under that much pessure. Could you help people everyday everytime?

Created by: wizzy willy

  1. You see an old lady crossing a street.
  2. You see an old man beating up a kid.
  3. Would you destory someone.
  4. You see a speeding car.
  5. You see a dead man.
  6. You see a woman shoplifting.
  7. A man ask for your help lifting a heavy object.
  8. Would you wear a cape.
  9. Would you waer tights.
  10. Last quetion what do you think yor gonna be.

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