Would You Be a Good Companion?

Nearly every Whovian on this planet wants to be an ally of the Doctor! Of course, you can't be a companion unless you know Doctor Who like the back of your hand!

Take this quiz to find out if YOU could be his acquaintance, friend, or even love! Of course, you do have to know the show inside and out, and be chock full of Doctor Who knowledge.

Created by: Anna

  1. Do you like Doctor Who?
  2. Do you want to time travel?
  3. Do you want to go to space?
  4. Do you want to meet aliens?
  5. Do you want to have fun?
  6. Do you want to meet a strange man in a box?
  7. Knock knock.
  8. If you saw a statue of an angel, what is your first instinct?
  9. You have two shadows. What does it mean?
  10. You see a shadow move. What does it mean?

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