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This is a Would u rather quiz...im not trying to copy the other Woud u rather quizzes...i just wanted to make one of my own :) hope u enjoy it.........

I hope u enjoy my Would u rather quiz..actually my second quiz..yeah the first one didnt turn out well... xD well have fun and please dont think im a git!!!

Created by: Ramen

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  1. So this a Would u rather quiz. If u think like me there will be a bonus mentioned in the results but if u don't...well there's no bonus..sorry if that makes me a git :(
  2. Would u rather be called the stupiest or the ugliest?
  3. Would u rather be bullied or grounded?
  4. Would u rather use money on wat u want to buy when ur parents need it or give it to them and way until they give it back to u?
  5. Would u rather eat rotten food or drink water from the toilet?
  6. Would u rather kiss a frog or kiss a dog?(IT RHYMES!!)
  7. Would u rather kill ur best friend or ur gf/bf?
  8. Would u rather study or be in the lamest class ever?
  9. Would u rather be attacked by a vampire or a werewolf?
  10. Would u rather....WATCH HARRY POTTER OR TWILIGHT??(i was out of questions xD belive me its bloody hard makin a quiz :p)
  11. Well thats all..hope u enjoyed :D

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