Does he like you?

This is another one of those "Does he like you" quizzes. I hope you like it because it took me all night to make it and my mom is yelling at me to go blowdry my hair but I just wanted to finish this quiz for you so I hope you enjoy it!

Mom! I'm coming sheesh! So anyway yeah I hope you enjoy it and I hope you get the result you wanted. Mom!!! I'm coming! Give me a minute! Urgh sorry I gotta go blowdry my hair... Peace!

Created by: ChanningTatumLover4
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is he hot? (goodlooking, cute, etc.)
  2. Does he ever talk to you? (text, talk, call, etc.)
  3. Does he ever look at you?
  4. Are you friends?
  5. Has he ever called you cute? (hot, pretty, etc.)
  6. Has he ever touched you? ( held your hand, brushed up against your shoulder, leaned on you, hugged you, etc.)
  7. Does he make you laugh, or do you make him laugh?
  8. Do you think he likes you? (Be honest!)
  9. Have you ever hung out before?
  10. Are you the same age?

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