Would the Phantom of the Opera choose you?

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Many people love the movie/musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Especially us girls. Many fangirls would love to know if the Phantom would have her to hold.

Well now it is your chance. Take these series of questions and see if you and the Opera Ghost would be a good couple. All you have to do is "say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime..."

Created by: AralynTheFallen
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  1. First of all, do you sing?
  2. Your father always told you that when he died, he would send down an angel to watch over you. Your reaction?
  3. Your childhood friend arrives at your big debut.
  4. You are alone in your dressing room. All the lights have gone out. You then hear a voice. The Angel of Music.
  5. The Angel Of Music extends his arm, trying to get you to go with him. You...
  6. The Phantom wants you to sing for him as you travel to his lair. You...
  7. He shows you mid song, a mannequin that looks like you in a wedding dress.
  8. After another one of your shows, your childhood friend takes you on the roof and asks you to "share with one love, one lifetime."
  9. If you sang with your childhood friend, you end up breaking the Phantom's heart.
  10. You've decided, decided. Pass the Point of No Return. No backward glances...
  11. The Phantom of the Opera takes you back down into his lair. You...
  12. One last thing. He tells you that if you two are to be together, you must sever all communications you have with the outside world.

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