Would Stormfly like you?

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Do you like Stormfly? Does she like you? Find out in this AMAZING quiz fun questions and cool photos you get one out of three answers see if you can get full marks!

About Stormfly. Name: Stormfly Gender: female Color: blue Owner: Astrid Favourite food: chicken Foe’s: dragon hunters, snotlout ( not really a foe he is a dragon rider)

Created by: Dragon Rider!
  1. Ok. Let’s start with something easy one.What colour would you pick?
  2. Toothless or Stormfly? That’s a hard one!
  3. Who is your favourite?
  4. Are you a bird or a bug person?
  5. Risk your life for dragons LOTS of times or become a hunter?
  6. Pick one food
  7. Pick a habitat
  8. Are you an outside person or an inside person?
  9. Small medium or big?
  10. This does not affect the quiz. Books or movies?

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