Would Kakashi date you?

For all you Naruto Fans, especially Kakashi fans. Here is a quiz about If your favorite character would like you. Aside from his mysterious nature, the answers are based on how i think Kakashi is aa a whole individual.

Always wanting to learn more about Kakashi? Take the quiz and you can learn how much you know him too. The quiz is long but also fun and will get you to think.

Created by: sou
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  1. You see someone being attacked, What do you do?
  2. You see Kakashi reading a book in a tree and you want to get his attention. How do you do it?
  3. You want to see Kakashi's real face, How do you do it?
  4. You see Kakashi at Obito's memorial stone, What do you do?
  5. You are the leader of team 12, What is the most important principle do you teach your students?
  6. Its Kakashi's birthday, what do you give him as a present?
  7. You are on a mission with Kakashi and Yamato. You have to pick someone to save. Who do you choice?
  8. You see Kakashi and another female ninja talking. What do you do?
  9. Kakashi agrees to go on a date with you. What do you plan?
  10. Kakashi gives you compliment. How do you react?
  11. You decide to tell him you like him. How do you tell him?

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