Would I Like You as a Friend if I Knew You?

I like many people, but not everyone in the world. That's why you have to take this quiz to find out if I like you as a friend! Maybe we even may be friends in real life!

Do I like you? Well, don't just stand there, for pete's sake! Who's pete? Anyways, take this quiz to find out if I like you or not, and if I do not, SCRAM! Just kidding.

Created by: mSweEzy

  1. Do you like kawaii stuff?
  2. Do you annoy people or have ever been called annoying?
  3. Do you beg for stuff and/or get mad when you don't get what you want?
  4. Do you love art?
  5. Can you be crazy at some times then be calm at other times?
  6. Do you hurt people to sometimes get your way?
  7. Do you like the Warriors series by Erin Hunter?
  8. Do you love animals?
  9. Do you love bunnies and dogs?
  10. Do you love the show Spongebob Squarepants?

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