would i date you (guys only)

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um im 13 and i just want to know if theres some ppl out there who would date me and right now im single and ready to mengle (LOL) so i hope you like my quiz

oh and just make shure to have fun and the quiz is vary simple so why are you still reading this just scroll down and take the quiz alrady!!! =) :) XD

Created by: violet679

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. okay if we went out on a date were would you take me (btw im 13)
  2. my dads over'protectve and my familys wierd how woud you react
  3. how old are you?
  4. okay im ruff tuff and strong i eat 4 times a day and im veary skinny
  5. i HATE it wen ppl take advantege of me (i dont know how to spell well)
  6. if a boy was treating me badley what would you do (worth 6 points)
  7. are you clingy?
  8. do you know who sonic the hedgehog is?
  9. what is your fave color
  10. would you support me and everything i do? (cuz i would do the samething for you)
  11. im populer but i prefur not to be i prefur to set in my room and lisen to miranda cosgrove how would you react?

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