Would I Date You?

There are a lot of girls out there... but am i the right one? Lets figure out! This test is for guys only, sorry! Btw, gravity falls is lifeeeeeeee!!!

Ok so you've been looking for "her" for awhile now. But u find NO ONE. Is there any hope? Are you forever alone? If you said yes ti this question, then i am here ti help... if we can work. Can we? Click this quiz to find out!! This is for guys only.

Created by: Gabi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like video games?
  2. Are you emo? (Do u dress like an emo)
  3. Im random, i like TURTLESSS, and i am super crazyyy. Is this ok?
  4. ANIMEEE!!!!
  5. Do u have long hair? Ik i have high standards... dont judge me... plz.
  6. Are you muscular? Sorry i probably misspelled that LOL.
  7. BMI? Not to b rude.
  8. If there is another guy talking to me, you would:
  9. Are you tired of this yet? This has NO EFFECT on your score.
  10. Ur favorite show is..
  11. BVB, Panic! at The Disco, or Fall Out Boy?
  12. Harry Potter... or that GOD FORSAKEN TWILIGHT
  13. Are u bossy?
  14. Do you like this quiz? I made it just for you!! THIS HAS VERY LITTLE EFFECT on ur score
  15. JK
  16. Last one!!! Do u like light skin (tan) girls? Are u tht color or wut? Just curious, not racist! I swear!!
  17. Thanks!

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