Would I date you? (Guys only)

There are many boys out there and many girls but do you match up to me in the end? Lest see!!!!!!!!! I'm exited to know! So take this quiz now to know

Are you boyfriend material? For me! Take the quiz to find out just how good of a boyfriends you would be to me! It's not that long just come and try it!

Created by: Charlie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colour hair do you have?
  2. How tall? I'm 5'8
  3. Do you like dogs, horses and lizards?
  4. I'm blonde, brown eyes, athletic. I play three sports, bball, soccer and horse back riding. Im 13 years old. I'm funny and I talk a lot lol.. Also kinda crazy and I'm NOT a girly-girl. Am I attractive?
  5. Do you like sitting around and eating and watching movies? Or running and swimming and ATVing on others? Are you okay with both?
  6. I prefer taking it slow and becoming friends before we become bf and gf.. Is that okay?
  7. I am a virgin and not really into kissing all the time, the odd kiss yeah, but not all over each other.. That cool?
  8. I'm crazy and weird sometimes.. That okay?
  9. I like talking and person and hanging out and doing crazy stuff (tubing, rock climbing) rather then texting.. That okay?
  10. Would you be embarrassed by me if I hing out with you and your friends/ get jealous if I talk to other guys?
  11. Done the quiz!

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