Would I date you? (grlz unly)

juxtaposing a quiz I mad mainly cuz I was bored and plz comment it's fun to c reactions and stuff dint take dis seriously I would never date a girl from off the Internet lol but have fun!

so here I will type words like stuff cuz I gots to have two friggin stupid paragraphs lol dang u anyways I'm feelin grate today goes about y'all lol.

Created by: Wolfgang Guttwald
  1. wat wuld u like to talk aboute?
  2. wut is ur hair like?
  3. eye color?
  4. wuld u rather...
  5. what grades do u get??
  6. body type (creepy eyes lol)?
  7. do u take care of urself and bes stylish?
  8. r u really shy not just around boys?
  9. which tv show do u lik moste?
  10. now for anime?
  11. video games?
  12. witch sport wuld u wotch?
  13. Did you understand the ending to bioshock infinite?
  14. wuld you rather marry...
  15. last question had no effect, lol. sometimes I like to be randum lik that is it okay 4 u?
  16. do u beleve in equal rights for men and women or should it be a matriarchal society?
  17. r u gonna go crazy over politics or religion?
  18. fave food?
  19. do u believe in nerd or jock shaming?
  20. How wuld u reject a dude?
  21. fave character?
  22. are tatoos hot?

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