would i date you girls

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omg hi umm well done charli oh ah k m n o p mash letter mash laetter potatoe well you did it ha he ho hy hya wuu2 well umm idk ok what why 20 you a--hole

[CHORUS] All I see is murder murder, my mind state - [2Pac] Makes it too late for cops in tryin' to stop the crime rate - [Swift] All I see is murder murder, my mind state Murder, murder, murder, and kill, kill, kill! [2x] Left the keys in the van, with a gat in each hand Went up in Eastland and shot a policeman f--- a peace plan of citizen bystands But s--- is in my hands, here's your life span For what your life's worth this money is twice than Grab a couple grand and live a nice land See I'm a nice man but money turned me to Satan

Created by: heart fall

  1. what colour hair do you have?
  2. what colour eyes do you have
  3. where do you live
  4. do you think im funny
  5. do you think that i would be good looking if you saw me?
  6. random question its the top one
  7. is your name isabel?
  8. if it is isabel i may sorta
  9. have a...
  10. crush on you...

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