16 Personality Type Quiz-Introverts

There are 16 different personality types. The first letter is either I or E, introverted or extrovert. The second letter is S or I, sensing or intuition. The third letter is either F or T, feeling or thinking. The last letter is either P or J, perceiving or judging.

What is your personality type? Do you like group conversations or one-on-one conversations? Is your head often up in the clouds? Do your thoughts or feelings guide your life? Are you more structured or adaptable? Find out using this quiz!

Created by: Sherbert211
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  1. Do you think before you talk?
  2. The best night ever would be. . .
  3. Do you have a hard time talking loudly?
  4. Do you like to be the center of attention?
  5. Are you more likely to trust your past experience or instincts?
  6. Do you like to imagine about the future?
  7. Do you tend to jump from topic to topic?
  8. How do you feel about conflict?
  9. If you knew that your best friend cheated on a test, would you tell the teacher?
  10. Which guides your life more, your head or your heart?
  11. Do you follow your thoughts or your feelings more often?
  12. Are you more interested in structures, patterns, and systems, or in people and their feelings?
  13. Do you have a hard time changing your decisions? (Like if you planned to go on a walk, but a friend calls you and asks if you want to hangout, would you say "Yes" or "No"?)
  14. If you saw two people fighting, would you try to break them up?
  15. Are you more adaptable or structured?
  16. Stable work or unstable work?

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