would i date you?(for girlz)

there are alot of people who would like to date someone.well if you take this quiz and be lucky enough you will be able to date me.if you are lucky then....

would i date you? would i reallly?wanna find out?then take this quiz and you will find out.till now you could only imagine but now you get to have a date with me!!

Created by: im a bubble

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  1. what is your hair colour?
  2. what colour are your eyes?
  3. you are...
  4. whats the first letter of your name?
  5. have you ever dated anyone before?
  6. how many times have you had S*X before?
  7. whats your favourite drink?
  8. whats your favourite fast food?
  9. would you like to have my emial?
  10. last question: do you seriously want to have my email?

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