would i date you? boys only:p

there are many boys i look into, not like LOOK into like their pseonaility and looks and stufffff... well, im bad at these pargraph thingy mad boobers.

would i go out with you? hehe im not those desperate girls so take this quiz if you dont like those girls like wants a boy over their people or whatever

Created by: llama

  1. what type of hair do you have?
  2. what eye color do you have?
  3. what do you usually wear?
  4. no offense but are you religous?
  5. what would you do on a first date?
  6. how old are you?
  7. favorite color? no effect
  8. what grade are you in?
  9. what are your favorite artists?
  10. out of the following what is your favorite song?
  11. what is your favorite animal?
  12. last question-are you sporty?

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