Would I Date You? (Boys Only)

Find Out If I Would Date You! This Quiz Is For Boys Only...So At The End See If I Would Date You. If You Even Care. Good Luck. And Carry On The Quiz..!

Maybe you are going to lie in this test..Idk? Burn anyways Hope you enjoy. And don’t get offended at the results. And just have fun with it. Tried to make it accurate enough.

Created by: Girl

  1. What is You Age Range?
  2. Do you like girls with curves?
  3. What is your style?
  4. Ideal First Date?
  5. Kiss On The First Date?
  6. Would You Date An “Ugly” Girl?
  7. Why Are You Talking This Quiz?
  8. What Name Is The Prettiest/Hottest?
  9. Do you smoke or so drugs?
  10. Are you a rebel/Bad Boy?

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