What Type Of Guy Should You Date?

Should you date an athlete, a nerd, a romantic guy, an emo guy, a douchebag, a video gamer, your best friend, or an artist?? Does he have to be cute, smart, funny, sweet, sporty?

Take this quiz to find out what type of guy that's for you. This quiz matches the guy to your personality and your thoughts. Please rate, comment, and take my other quizzes.. ;)

Created by: Marissa_1234

  1. What do you look for first in a guy?
  2. How cute do you want him to be??
  3. How much sports does he have to play in order to pass your requirements lol?
  4. How would you describe your personality?
  5. Does your guy have to be good at most things that he does
  6. What kind of clothes do you want him to wear?
  7. How much girls can he date before you this year?
  8. Your ideal date is--
  9. What type of grades does he have to make?
  10. Where do you see him most (besides school)?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Guy should I Date?