would i date chu boiz only ^•^

okie so obs you can read the title so dunt needa say much ill do a shor bio of me at de end lel. i need more words oh ye i play mc the server im usually found on is lichcraft send me a msg if your on there xD my usernames yoshilovesmc haha

lets see how you fit what i like in a guy lol gl hf xD i need more words oh ye i play mc and the server i play on is lichcraft lol msg me any time my usernames yoshilovesmc

Created by: yoshilovesmc

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. okie so like hair color hehe ^"¢^
  2. okie umm lemme think xD umm OH do you play any insrements/sing
  3. okie emoji time ^"¢^ i had to hehe
  5. ohhhh abs (sry had to xD)
  6. okie erm idk guess what type of guy are you (if your a chic im not adding an ima chic option)
  7. fav color lol ik every one hates it xD
  8. okie so erm yolo?
  9. PANDA
  10. umm okie umm ima do a short bio of me at the end
  11. peace out

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