How well do u know Meadow

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i have to write 150 random words here or they won't give me permission to save the quiz ughhhh how annoying -_- let's get this over with so i can save this

Created by: meadow

  1. how tall is Meadow
  2. which of these foods does meadow like the most
  3. which of these shows is meadow's fav
  4. which of these music genres is meadow's fav
  5. which of these pokemon does meadow love the most
  6. which of these languages does meadow understand besides english
  7. which of these bands did meadow adore as a kid
  8. which of these intruments is meadow at least somewhat good at
  9. which of these classes did meadow take in college
  10. what is meadows fav color
  11. what type of top is meadow's pref when the weather's warm
  12. what type of shoes is meadow's fav to wear (generally)

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