World War I & II

Tests how much you know about WW1 and WW2. shows if you have been reading and studying the book for our African American History class. And tests to see if you have been preparing for class.

Lets see how much you know about African Americans during WW1 and WW2. what they have done and important key factors from African Americans during these wars.

Created by: Milan Graves
  1. what does NAACP mean?
  2. What happened in East St. Louis 1917?
  3. Jim Crow laws was not applied in the military.
  4. Were Women allowed to fight in WWII?
  5. What does WAAC stand for ?
  6. What war were the Tuskegee airmen involved in?
  7. Which disaster was the worst Racial incident?
  8. The military was not segregated during WWI and WW2
  9. The Detroit Race Riots dealt with WW1
  10. What encouraged blacks to give all there effort to the war?

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