Word Association

This is a simple enough quiz to see how your subconscious mind works. When you see a word, what do you think? How does your mind work? Do you have a reasonably normal way of thinking? Or are you totally random?

This simple test will take care of these questions. It may also give you a view into what you must do to improve. It'll only take a minute or two, and will give you a *cough* insightful view into what's going on inside your head. Let's do it!

Created by: Buttercream

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  1. Here's how it works. I say a word, you pick the word that jumps out at you most. Here we go... BOOK!
  2. SCHOOL!
  3. MUSIC!
  5. NATURE!
  6. ART!
  7. ROCK! (Like the hard thing that breaks windows. When you throw it.)
  9. METAL!
  10. NUMBER!

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